Parc del Molinet

Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Spain. 1987

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    The project grew out of a master plan for Sector Esperit Sant which is located on the periphery of Northeastern Barcelona. The area was void; an emptiness arising out of its location as "in between" space between three municipalities, at this time undergoing urban erosion.The theory was to develop a multi-functional social condenser that could invert these processes. The functions for the area were pre-designed by the Masterplan: to include parks, sports facilities, schools, and a circulation system with new connections for traffic and pedestrians. The idea was to redefine the site by means of designing its borders and edges at a first stage, and later to work out its parts as parks or other structures.As the site for Parc del Molinet provided an interesting topography, with the only trees around and views to the city of Barcelona. The concept for the park hinged on taking advantage of these givens.The lay-out is based on the geometry of the spiral, which links all the episodes of the park. Starting at the belvedere it runs through the amphitheaters which were already existing.

    The design can be understood in three different parts. The first being the defining of edges, making links and giving access to pedestrians.The second part is the densest portion of the park and the highest position in reference to the surrounding roads and was designed as a sequence of "episodes" ultimately leading to rhe belvedere.The first episode is the planted part of the platform, called "il bosco" and conceptually designed on an italian garden model. The second episode is the pebble stone paved plaza which leads to the belvedere, conceived as a platform with an architectural condition, similar to a roofless building, with windows framing views to Barcelona.The choice of materials and their detailing provided an architectural quality to the area, bringing the care of construction applied in the center of the city to the periphery.The third part of the park are the amphitheaters and the design was a matter of superimposing a geometry on the landscape following the traces of the existing amphitheaters. The existing topography was slightly modified, superimposing a very well defined geometry as a sort of "geometrisation" of nature.

    Architects: C. Fiol, A. Arriola, M. Quintana, A. de Luna, M. Muixart
    Strucutre: BOMA, A. Obiol
    Quantity Surveyor: Ll. Roig, Ll. Fonta

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    Finalist PREMIS FAD d'Arquitectura 
    Client: Corporació Metropolitana de Barcelona
    Buget: 12.246.661 euros
    Surface: 70.000 sqm