Parc del Torrent

Santa Margarida de Montbui, Spain. 2003

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    The project of the Parc Del Torrent is planned to become the new central space for meeting and communication in the modern urban centre of Santa Margarida de Montbui.

    In a transversal direction the project proposes a transition among the paved perimeter with turning points at the ends of the streets of Sant Pere, Lleida, Santa Anna and San Miquel, toward a polygonal step that takes up the unevenness of some 5m at its highest elevation and resolves the communication with the slightly inclined plan where the program of the park and the activities of the promenade develops. This plan is as much in level by foot from the la Mercé Street as of the Primer de Maig and Escoles streets, where the arrival of the 'promenade' is made in a continuous and smooth way. At the same time, the system of pavements, in cross direction, makes a progressive evolution from a system of hard paving, apt to bear the cars in the perimeter of the crossway of Sant Pere, to a soft pavement, drained by grained pressed materials, or of surfaces of lawn with plantations, that explain the transformation from a built, urban context, to a natural and more vegetated context.

    The other longitudinal direction is the direction of the 'promenade' that brings us from the Constitutió Street in the highway of Valls, to the Pont Street crossing the Mercè street. This travel makes the transition between the administrative center situated in the vicinities of the Joan Maragall Plaza to the extreme of the park on the perimeter of the urban center where views toward the Tossa are opened.  This itinerary is accompanied by a portal that bears most of the infrastructure of the promenade/park. Partly chanels the services of lighting at the same time that it organizes and provides support of the arbours that give shadow to the seasonal market that is installed in the sector next to the Escoles Street, as well as support for the civic or cultural demonstrations that can be celebrated at the park.The plantations of the park/promenade also reinforce the longitudinal character of the walk, and they are arranged in sensitive lines, parallel to the portal-aqueduct.  The rows situated over the fractured lines of the steps/amphitheaters are of tipuana (tipuana tipo), while the lines of the lower plan are massive plantations of poplars (popolus nigra italica) mixed with 'swoons' (salix babilonica) that recall the passing of the old stream of les Torres.

    Architects: A. Arriola, C. Fiol, X. Arriola, M. Lundström, V. Bagnato, C. Coers 
    Structure: A. Obiol
    Quantity surveyor: J. C. Morla

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  • Facts + data

    Promoter: Diputació de BCN
    Budget: 2.280.000 euros
    Surface: 22.000 m2