Casa Costa

Pujalt, Spain. 2014

  • Description

    The new house is the first building in Pujalt’s village built with contemporary construction systems, which rebuilds the historical structure of the village while keeping its original architectural typology, its street pattern and its presence within the landscape.

    Pujalt is a township in l’Anoia region. The village on top of a hill comprises a set of buildings, following three curved streets: carrer de dalt, carrer Major (Main Street) and carrer de baix.

    The new house is located in a derelict plot, on top of carrer Major. The ruins of the old stone walls shape the ground floor. Two old gates are reopen to carrer Major, the most unique, with a gothic arch, becomes the main entrance.

    It is conceived as a small house with a view to the landscape, with an open plan ground floor (100 m²), 2 upper floors (100+100 m²), garden (200 m²) and garage (50m²)

    The new construction is articulated with a reticular concrete structure, configuring three functional strips: living, service area and dormitories.

    In the same rationality, the new stone panels are drywall construction. The large openings keep the verticality of traditional windows and are even wider where the views are more spectacular. 


    Architects: A. Arriola, C. Fiol

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  • Facts + data

    Client: Iniciatives Pujalt, S. L.

    Surface: 380 m²

    Budget: 383.000 €