Casa Moulinsart

Molins de rei, Spain. 2008

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    It is about defining the project of destruction of an existing building, and of the construction of 7 single family houses.  The solution that is proposed organizes the program of 7 dwellings in a typology of semidetached dwellings.  The objective of the group is that of resolving the 7 units in a single form, seeking to maintain the volumetric of the original building.  Thus, the 7 dwellings are organized in ground floor and two stories with a common parking situated in the basement.  A common garden, perimeter to the group, is maintained, and sensitively equivalent to the original garden, maintaining the trees and the majority of the vegetation species and the ornamental motifs of the turn of the century building. Thus it is proposed to conserve and to restore the fence with balusters as well as the gate of wrought iron of the facade to the street 11 of September, like the fountain and pergola situated at the north perimeter of the site among other elements of the original tower.  Also it is projected to utilize materials and colors sensitively equivalent to the originals of the Madorell-Muntané house: terra-cotta, ochre, blue. The main entrance to the group is made from the l'Avinguda 11 de Setembre, by the wrought iron gate that will be restored to adapt it for its new use.  This it will be the entrance for pedestrians, while the entrance of vehicles will be made along the Camí antic de Santa Creu d'Olorda, where an access ramp is projected to the underground parking adjacent to the East limit of the site.

     The accesses to each one of the 7 dwellings is made from the common garden, and the entrances are situated on the North facade.  On the South facade towards the Camí antic de Santa Creu d'Olorda, are privatized some small individual gardens for each one of the units that serve as extensions and enlargement of the living room that occupy the ground floor of the maisonettes.  On the second floor and always to the South, some terraces expand the upper rooms opening views toward the valley of the Llobregat. 

    Architects: C. Fiol, A. Arriola, X. Arriola, P. Bedoy,  R. Giovanoli, M. Lundström, M. Seibel 
    Structure: BOMA
    Installation: JG
    Quantity surveyor: Toledo Villarreal

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  • Facts + data

    Promoter: Moulinsart
    Budget: 1.719.520.19 euros
    Surface: 752 m2