Torre sostenibile Urrutia

Barcelona, Spain. 2005

  • Description

    The project for 100 dwellings for young people next to Parc Central Nou Barris is part of a new housing policy for the City of Barcelona meant to promote and make it easier for people under 25 finding dwellings. The programme consists of a group of smaller apartments around 40 square meters, almost single person flats, with some shared services.The project is carried out in a 16 stories tower lining the crossing of the fabra i Puig and Passeig de Urrutia streets with the objective to show minimum of facade towards the Parc Central thus offering views and routes for the pedestrians along the Passeig d´Urrutia. The tower looses mass as it rises, terraces itself and shifts its material, making a transition from heavy to light and from brick wall to metal and fibre glass.

    Architects: A. Arriola, C. Fiol
    Colaborators: X.Arriola, M. Fiore, V. Bagnato, S.Rux
    Structure: Agustí Obiol, BOMA
    Installation: JG, J. Castillo
    Quantity Surveyor: F. García

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  • Facts + data

    Finalist – X Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo 2009 
    Finalist – VIII Premio de Arquitectura del Ladrillo, 2006
    Promoter: Regesa
    Surface: 6.800 m2
    Budget: 4.088.996 euros