Galleria Comunale d’Arte

Cagliari, Italy, 2012

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    The project area is located in Cagliari, in Sardinia. It is limited by Viale San Vincenzo, the municipal Art Gallery, neighbouring buildings in the north-west and finally the rock formation of the west facade of the castle.

     The area is considered as an extension of the system of public gardens; this landscape will define the head of the garden system and extend in this way the current body of the Art Gallery interacts with the new exhibition spaces. The extension is proposed through the construction of pavilions which are connected by open galleries of the exhibition ‘en plein air’, an open-air sculpture garden. This strategy of expansion allows the inclusion of the existing building of the ‘department’ which were to be found at the edge of the composition of the new extension.

     The transformation of facade towards Viale San Vincenzo in the ‘front’ of the ‘new’ Gallery is proposed, solving the problem of marginalization and offering a new urban public face. There should be a new access to the Art Gallery from Viale San Vincenzo, for service and all other uses of the program which are operating in a different schedule than the exhibitions.

    The organization of the program is divided into three floors, connected by accessible service systems of ramps and elevators; in the layout of the functional program there is a possibility of using a part of the exhibition rooms and facilities, and separating service rooms and main rooms.

     The project involves lining the halls of local limestone regarding both the exterior and the interior.The gallery is separated from the exhibition areas through sliding panels. This supports the museological concept of how control heat and light. It is also possible of opening the corridor to the open spaces through laminated sliding glass panels that separates the gallery from the gardens of sculptures, allowing visitors to move more free and interactive.

    Architects: A. Arriola, C. Fiol, S. Sorrentino, M. Fiore

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    Competition, Special Mention from the jury

    Client: Comune di Cagliari