Parc de de Bombers

Montblanc, Spain. 2005

  • Description

    The project is organized around a central hall where the fire trucks are parked. The rest of the program, that is, the sitting and dining room, kitchen and bedrooms in the second floor, are complementary to this main working room. This concept is carried out to the spatial volume of the fire station, where the roof of this central room is extended to the whole building and to its facades. The four doors for the cars, as big spared mouths opening at different directions, reinforce the dynamism of the building. The alignments of the building and its three dimensional volume refers to the dented line of the Montsant hills in the background. From the beginning the building itself was understood more as a topographic accident in the landscape than a small nave in an industrial zone. 

    Architects: A. Arriola, C. Fiol, M. Alonso, X. Arriola,  M. Fiore, V. Bagnato
    Structure: A. Obiol, BOMA
    Installation: Ibering

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  • Facts + data

    Promoter: GISA
    Budget: 1.182.528 euros
    Surface: 893.37 m2