Kultorvet i Hauser Plads

Copenhagen, Denmark. 2008

  • Description

    The rich history of Købmagergade is reinforced and reintroduced within a contemporary context. The new Kultorvet plaza will re-present the site in a highly memorable and experience enhancing manner, reinstating Copenhagen as one of the world’s premier cities, with Kultorvet-Købmagergade at its center. Kultorvet and Hauser Plads dialogue each other through their topography. At Kultorvet we introduce a soft “valley” and at Hauser Plads, a gentle hill. As people move through Kultorvet they will note their position in the plaza through the slight level change.The slope enhances one’s ability to see (from the edges) and be seen (from the center), building on the spectacle that is a public plaza. Furthermore, the opportunity for large concerts or improvised performances is much improved. At Hauser Plads the hill itself becomes the element for play. The slope allows opportunities for roller skating, slides, and children’s games. The spiral form creates a spatial center and hierarchy to an otherwise flat place. Trinitatsplads is opened up. The church and tower that were before located on a street corner is now conceived as one object placed in the center of a grand urban space. The streets are given the same paving as the rest of the project, tying the whole area together. 

    Architects: Carme Fiol, Andreu Arriola, M. Lundström,   A. Kunst, X. Arriola, D. Goldstein, A. Curreli
    Consultant: Ingo Maurer GMBH, Bisgaard, Landskabsarkitekter ApS

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  • Facts + data

    Promotor: City of Copenhagen
    Budget: 10.741.382 euros
    Surface: 24.458 m2