Carmen Fiol Costa lecturing in Sidney’s Instituto Cervantes: Towards a Sculptured Territory

The Instituto Cervantes invites you to participate in the debate that suggests the Spanish architect Carmen Fiol-Costa.

Carmen Fiol-Costa proposes to investigate the contemporary relationship between territory and city through hand drawing and models, comparing it with original references from the first settlers. Look at aboriginal art as a magnificent example of harmony between people, animals and nature on earth. In the periphery of cities elements are placed following a pattern of distances, the different elements interrelate with each other as signs, heights and bulks, as imams. Metal slender elements, lit transparent advertisements or colourful plastic bubbles express their identity through distance. And the distance between them is not full of content but it is an urban void, an empty space that has no meaning till you arrive to the other element.

Thursday, 26 May 2014 at 6:30 PM  (AEDT) Instituto Cervantes, 22-24 City Road, Chippendale, Sidney, NSW

Tags: 2014, Carmen Fiol, Droga Architect in Residence, Lecture